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Although I love PR, I do have daydreams about being a stylist. Beyond the garment bag lugging (which isn't so glamourous), you are submerged in a world of the fashion and beautiful people. You get to touch Chanel (and not while your standing in the store drooling and being given the "don't touch if you aren't buying" face by the salespeople). You get ultimate freedom with the creative process. What people misunderstand is that is not a job of picking out what matches, it is about understanding a theme of a photoshoot, a client's personal style, doing research, sourcing clothing and accessories and putting it all together.

One of my favourite ladies, stylist Catherine Wright, took the time to let me pick her brain about fashion, and beyond. Catherine is a stylist extraordinaire who fled from law school after one semester to move back to LA and enroll at FIDM. She was then lucky enough to score an internship with Cher Coulter (stylist to Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller (DYING!), Robin Wright Penn, among others). Next, Catherine found herself filling in for stylists at E! News, which remains one of her current projects. She has worked with Giuliana Rancic,  Jason Kennedy, Ashlan Gorse, Kristina Guerrero, Michael Yo, the whole team, as well as Pussycat Doll, Ashley Roberts for the E! Spring Break Special.

Read Below to hear Catherine dish on her style, fall wish list and what makes her CRAY CRAY -OBSESSED... 

-Who are your favourite designers:

It's hard to name a favourite designer because I love so many...I've always loved Marc Jacobs, both his designs for Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs--In fact, my obsession with him while I was in college is probably why I work in fashion now. I also love Balmain, DSquared, Balenciaga, and who doesn't love Dior? BUT, from a more practical standpoint, I love Alexander Wang and the casualness of his clothes. Also, I think Topshop is amazing because it brings a little London edge to the US (wish we had one in LA)! I also love Joie, Ever, and ALL SAINTS (it makes me cray-cray-OBSESSED). For shoes, I buy and wear a lot of Steve Madden, but I think Brian Atwood, YSL and Sergio Rossi are killing it right now.

Catherine high on Balenciaga

-Whose style do you admire?

I love girls with laid-back style who bring it on the red carpet as well. Kate Bosworth, Kate Hudson, Rachel Bilson, Alexa it!

-Describe your personal style?

I have gotten really relaxed with my style in the past few years. I'd like to say i'm causual chic, but everyone says that. My uniform right now is basically cut-offs (either Siwy or J Brand, a tank top, lace bra and cardigan). I love anything oversized. Living in LA it is always about layering and because I'm on my feet running around with heavy garment bags all day, I have to wear comfortable shoes. But if I'm going out tonight,you will not catch me dead in flats (unless I am at the beach...and I'm sure that statement will come back to haunt me).

Catherine with stylist/designer Kit Scarbo wearing her Diesel leather jacket, plaid shirt and Beryl aviators (her spring staple)

-Favourite items from your closet?

I love my grey Future Classics cut out cardigan-I wear it with everything, my levi's denim vest that was once a jacket--I bought it for $5 for a grunge inspired shoot I was working on and couldn't part with it, my black Steve Madden combat boots, my fuchsia YSL suede heels, my black Siwy Camilla shorts (I'm wearing them right now), my gold boyfriend watch, all of the white Hanes men's t-shirts I have, Joie grey oversized sweater, black skinny jeans I got for free because they didn't fit my roomate :), I could probably go on for days...

Catherine in her levis denim vest on set with Brazilian model, Ludi Delfino

 -Wish list for fall? 

Fall wish list...hmmm, right now I'd just love some more jewelry! I just got a lot of lace pieces for layering which I think is great for Fall. I'd also love some more cardigans and tops from All Saints...I feel like I'm talking to Santa Clause. What I would really love for fall is a long skirt, is that weird? (side comment from the Blonde Doctrinaire: no, Catherine, it is not weird, it's amazing...rock it with the denim vest!) Gillian Zinser just rocked an amazing look at the Louis Vuitton party and now it is at the top of my Must-Have list.

-Makeup you can't live without?

There is no makeup I can't live without. I'm pretty low maintenance (and clueless) when it comes to that.

-Perfume? Coco Chanel said, "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future".

I do love perfume! My favourites are Marc Jacobs Daisy, DG Light Blue and Ralph Lauren Blue.

-Fashion motto?

I don't know if I really have a fashion motto, but my all time favourite quote is from Anna Wintour in the September Issue: "Just because you like to put on a beautiful Caroline Herrera dress or a pair of J Brand jeans instead of something basic from K-Mart doesn't mean you're a dumb person."-Anna Wintour

 Thanks Catherine!

Catherine (who styled) snaps a shot of Giuliana Rancic for E! News

Cat on set at a recent shoot



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